Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate
Rituals can be subjectively interpreted and experienced in many different ways. This wine pairs nicely with a family gathering, or a candle-lit summoning. 
“Ritual” is a wine inspired by Pagan culture and the ritualistic behaviours in the movie “Midsommer”, which put me through an extremely uncomfortable 90 minutes.  
The challenge for this project was successfully communicating the visual concept. I wanted the illustrations to be dark and evoke a sense of discomfort. The red wine is darker, and would pair better with a darker illustration, and vice versa with the white wine. The illustrations I had in mind were also quite ambitious, given the time period for the project.
The different illustrations represent the wide range of ritualistic experiences that exist and the wine that accompanies them. The red wine illustration communicates a different emotion that is more tense than the white. 
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