Conceptual Promotional Ads
Adobe Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
The purpose of this project was to create a series of three promotional posters based on the personality of my assigned partner, Claire. We had to come up with a concept, headline, and tag line.
My intent for Claire was to communicate how incredibly busy and ambitious she is. She has a long history in her career, and she is also raising two teen-aged sons. She is constantly on top of her projects and goes above-and-beyond for her work. I wanted to make sure my complex concept came together clearly but I was nervous to make something too simple. 
The concept I created came together by using circus themed tarot cards to indicate her busy lifestyle and ambitious future goals. “Fortune tellers” are often apart of the circus, so I felt this visual aspect connected appropriately. Creating a headline and sub-headline was a challenge to make clear and concise–the headline I created was “Sights Set on the Future” and a different sub-headline describing each tarot card. 
Tarot Cards
Sub headline: Adapting to Any Environment with her Flexible Skill-set
Rational: Claire is flexible and very adaptive to new challenges. She has moved to Canada from Korea where she had a solidified career, but she is taking on the challenge. She makes bending over backwards look elegant.
Sub headline: Juggling Projects like a Professional Act
Rational: Claire is extremely busy. She is able to juggle all of her responsibilities and get projects done like its a circus act. She constantly completes projects quickly and efficiently. Graphic Design is like juggling multiple things at once.
Lion Tamer
Sub headline: Calmly Navigating Stressful Endeavors
Rational: Claire is a very calm and grounded person who would be able to “tame” many different situations. She remains grounded, calm and collected during stressful situations like a professional performer taming a lion.

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